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and Kimono Notes


<Each technique of kimono>
> Piece-dyed items (stencil dyeing, Yuzen dyeing, etc.)
●Because it is dyed by hand by craftsmen, there may be slight dye splashes or bleeding.
●They may use a dyeing technique that causes bleeding.

> Yarn-dyed items (pongee, omeshi, etc.)
●Knots of the pongee threads are floating from the surface of the fabric, but these are traces of handwork.
In addition, some loose threads may protrude from the surface.

●Please note that color transfer may occur when sweating.
●If natural dyes such as vegetable dyes are used, the color will fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time.

<Regarding unfolding marks, small scratches, stains, etc.>
●Since we are using a vintage kimono, there may be small stains. It will appear over time, so I hope you enjoy it, including those.
Thank you for your understanding.

●Because there are individual differences in the perception of stains, we ask that you understand this before making a purchase.

<Regarding the appearance and color of the pattern>
●The photos shown are representative photos.
●Depending on how the fabric is cut, the color scheme of the pattern and fabric of the sample product may differ slightly. We ask for your understanding in advance.
●Colors may appear different depending on your device type and environment. Colors may differ slightly from the published photos.

<About the size of the publication>
●Because it is finished by hand, there may be slight errors in the dimensions of each size.
●Even if the size is the same, there may be individual differences, so the size may differ slightly even for the same product.
●Please note that the size may differ slightly when worn.

<About aftercare>
●Although it has been washed, if you wash it at home, the fabric may shrink and the size may become smaller. In addition, there is a possibility of dye transfer. (*Especially post-dyed items) Dry cleaning is recommended for aftercare.

Please agree before purchasing.
If you do not understand the above points, please refrain from purchasing.
At the time of purchase, we will judge that you have agreed at the same time, and we will start preparing for delivery.

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